About Us

Our Mission

We take pride in achieving excellence in optimal oral health

Our Mission is to help people maintain their permanent teeth for their entire lifetime. We achieve our mission by providing an atmosphere for our patients to make positive choices for long-term health.  We provide our support through our own constantly improving technical skills, with a strong commitment to continuing education and excellent long-term treatment planning skills. We also believe that the foundation for better health is the maintenance of the mutual trust, care, respect, understanding, and fairness that is necessary for any doctor/ patient relationship.

Our Philosophy

For patients to choose a dental office appropriate to their needs, there must exist a match between the services sought by the patient with the services provided by the office. If the value you possess for your teeth and health coincides with our beliefs in fine dentistry and prevention, a mutually rewarding doctor/patient relationship should evolve.

“Our goal is to provide you with quality dentistry to help you keep all of your teeth for the rest of your life in maximum health, comfort, function, and appearance at a minimum of stress, discomfort, and expense.”

We are a  health-orientated team of professionals dedicated to serving patients. We maintain certain standards of skill and concern that reflects our quality of care.

Excellence in dentistry begins with the examination process that provides a careful diagnosis and treatment plan to move us toward the goals we will establish together. We will perform an extensive and comprehensive examination of the teeth, gums, bite, joints and soft tissues. We believe this in-depth examination to be the cornerstone of quality dentistry.


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