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When you are at Dentistry In Bolton, you will probably notice that we ask a lot of questions.  We also do a lot of listening. We would like to ensure we understand everything we can about your particular situation, then apply our care, skill and judgment to provide you with all the best possible treatment options.

Whether you are at Dentistry In Bolton for a dental exam, preventive service, restorative treatment, or a cosmetic procedure, you’ll also find that we use some pretty interesting technology.  You will probably be amazed at how effective and efficient we can be with all of our technology!  Our technology requires additional training and ongoing education on our part: but, that is all part of serving you well!

Please visit our technology, precedures and faq's, dental videos and for the patient sections of our website for further information. Please feel free to also call us at (905)951-2004 or send us an email at