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Sports & Mouth Guards

Q – Do you play sports?

A – If you do, a custom-made sports/mouth guard could be for you. A lot of minor sports groups are making sports/mouth guards a must.

Q – Why choose a custom sports/mouth guard vs. a “boilable” one?

A – Simple, a custom sports/mouth guard is custom made for you. We take an impression of your teeth and make a sports/mouth guard that fits you and only you. Custom-made sports/mouth guards are designed to “grip” each individual tooth and therefore is much more supportive during impact. You will never achieve this type of fit using boilable sports/mouth guards. Sports/mouth guards should be replaced about every 6 months for children and once they stop growing, or for adults then once a season is sufficient. We recommend that you bring
your sports/mouth guard with you for your regular check-ups and we can check to see if it still fits properly.

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