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Preventive Children's Program

Kids Dental Care, Bolton Dentist

With Our Preventive Children's Program, we strive to help your child establish a solid foundation for lifelong dental health.

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Our Preventive Children's Program

Our program is focused on giving your child the tools and confidence to take control of their dental health and wellness. We want to help kids establish good oral hygiene habits early in life by teaching them how to care for their teeth and oral health now and for their whole lives.

What is part of our Preventive Child's Program:

  • Checking the child’s progress at home, using a coloured disclosing solution. This picks up old and new plaque on the teeth, noting any areas the child may be missing when brushing.
  • After watching your child brush for us, we can modify their method, based on individual need and dexterity levels.
  • Teaching the benefits and methods of flossing.
  • Demonstrating the uses of fluoride by brushing it on versus the “in mouth” tray technique. This also emphasizes the newly learned brushing methods taught earlier in the appointment.
  • Teaching proper nutrition and making snack suggestions.
Preventive Child's Program | Dentistry in Bolton

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