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Oral Surgery in Bolton

We perform oral surgery procedures to help you achieve a healthier, more functional smile. Dentistry in Bolton is proud to provide services such as bone grafting and oral pathology.  

Oral Surgery | Dentistry in Bolton

Our oral surgery procedures treat various head and neck conditions and injuries.

The following are just some of the many conditions, treatments and procedures that we deal with:

  • TMJ, facial pain, and facial reconstruction
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal 
  • Misaligned jaws
  • Oral cancers, tumors and cysts
  • Sleep apnea

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a preferable alternative to having missing teeth, diseased teeth, or tooth deformities. It can increase the height or width of the jawbone and fill in voids and defects. It helps to correct and stabilize the jaw foundation for restorative or implant surgery.

In the majority of cases, the success of a restoration procedure can depend on the height, depth, and width of the jawbone at the implant site. When the jawbone has receded or sustained significant damage, the implant(s) cannot be supported on this unstable foundation and bone grafting is usually recommended for the ensuing restoration.

With bone grafting, deformities can also be corrected and the restructuring of the bone can provide added support. Bone grafting can also be used to limit or prevent bone recession following a tooth extraction, periodontal disease, or other invasive process.

Bone Grafting in Bolton
TMJ Treatment

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJ) is a common condition characterized by severe headaches, jaw pain of varying degrees, grinding teeth, and an intermittent ringing in the ears. These symptoms are debilitating and can greatly interfere with every day life.

The vast majority of TMJ sufferers are unaware that the root cause of these problems is something that a dentist can effectively treat. The dentist is able to test, diagnose, and devise an immediate plan to treat the underlying causes of the TMJ disorder.

The most common cause of TMJ is the misalignment of the teeth. It is possible for the dentist to realign or adjust the teeth without the need for painful or expensive surgeries. The realignment/adjustment can help alleviate symptoms. 

Teeth grinding is another common pain-causing activity that usually occurs at night. The grinding will eventually erode the structure of the teeth and can lead to much more severe dental problems in the future. Untreated TMJ is one of the prime underlying factors in eroded jawbones and loose teeth.

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